Artist. Mother. Global Citizen. Creator.

Born in Belgrade, in a home filled with artists and authors, Marija was raised in a home immersed with the power of creativity.  

Following her passion to design jewelry, Marija was accepted into a prestigious Parisian design program where she would be the sole non-Parisian in the school. It was there that Marija learned the power of carving her own path.

Marija subsequently moved to Geneva to join the Piaget team, where a blank sheet of paper allowed the development of what are now her signature designs.

Following a pull for new personal and professional challenges, Marija moved to New York City, where the City’s new and modern versus Europe’s historic and storied sensibility brought about a creative awakening and ultimately, the decision to create her own brand. Influences from a lifetime of world travel and a passion for art lay the foundations for her very first collections.

A trained bench jeweler, Marija’s understanding of jewelry creation is unparalleled; she is involved in every aspect of the process, from sketch to final polish. Marija is as comfortable creating milestone jewelry and future heirlooms, as she is developing every day, never-take-off treasures, and continues to interpret the journey of her life through the medium of jewelry.

New collections from MARIJA IVA are introduced not by schedule, but by inspiration. From a passion for books and art, and from colors, materials, and shapes found in nature, they are reflective of the designer herself, on the most personal level, without the influence of passing trends. MARIJA IVA jewelry is destined to be coveted by those in the know, with an appreciation for the finer things in life and luxury.

Jewelry is a map of life. Each piece carries with it the power and beauty of our most significant moments. My designs are envisioned to encapsulate those moments in a creation that can be worn every day.