caring for your jewelry

MARIJA IVA jewelry is crafted from superior quality metals and precious stones that can withstand everyday wear and become future heirlooms. Caring for your MARIJA IVA creation will help you preserve its beauty. This section will take you through a few simple ways you can protect your luxury jewelry. Should you have any questions about caring for your jewelry, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

  • Try to limit your jewelry's exposure to chemicals found in cosmetics by putting your jewelry on last, after creams, make-up or fragrances.

  • Remove your jewelry before bed, showering and washing your hands. 

Storage & Transport
  • Store your pieces flat and separate from each other to avoid scratching. 
  • Treat with care and limit wearing your pieces during physical activities that could expose your jewelry to knocks and scratches. 

  • Exposure to water or high temperatures should also be avoided.